Bela Geo Images

About Bela Geo Images

I am an outdoor photographer with wanderlust and an appreciation for the aesthetic beauty of our natural world.

After graduating college I felt a compelling desire to explore the world. I traveled extensively and continuously for the next 20 years. Instead of pursuing a 'normal' career, I sought work which offered travel opportunities.

After a post college graduation trip to the US Virgin Islands, I discovered the private yachting industry. I worked on private sailing and motor yachts for the next decade and took intermittent 'sabbaticals' where I went on extensive, independent journeys. After the turn of the millennium, I turned to flying, and started working as a flight attendant on a private jet. Throughout all of this time, I documented my travels through photography and journals.

My photographic philosophy is that while I love realism, modern technology has made some really cool tools available to us, with which I like to experiment. A lot of my images are natural, but I do enhance many others in the 'digital darkroom'. However, I don't alter the actual content of the images. 

Over the past couple of years, my style has evolved and I have started trying new techniques. A couple of things that I’m currently excited about are: abstract photography and HDR. You will find all of these in my collections and galleries.

Additional information: 

Grand prize winner of the photography competition at the renowned Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference: 2011

Second place winner of the photography competition at the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference: 1999

Former student and exhibitor at the Palm Beach Photographic Center (formerly in Del Rey Beach, FL).

B.A. in Media Communications and B.A. in International Relations at California State University, Sacramento.


If you enjoy my work, images are available for purchase as prints, or for rights-managed licensing.